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Seminars: slides and video

(Some) Slide-presentations:

     Proprietà simplettiche e variazionali di sistemi Hamiltoniani convessi   (pdf)

          Plenary talk session "Nonlinear Analysis and Dynamical Systems"

          XIX Congresso UMI (Italian Mathematical Union), Bologna, September 2011.

     Poincaré ed Arnol’d: dalla meccanica classica alla geometria simplettica  (pdf)

          Tè di Matematica (Divulgative talk for students), Roma Tre University, January 2014.

     The principle of least action in geometry and dynamics (pdf)

          University of Rome Tor Vergata, September 2014.

     Biliardi Matematici  (pdf)

          Divulgative talk for students at Maths Olympiad, Roma Tre University, March 2015.

     On the homogenization of the Hamilton-Jacobi equation (pdf)

          Analysis Seminar, University of Rome “La Sapienza”,  May 2016.

     Hamilton-Jacobi equation on networks  (pdf)

          SIAM meeting on Control and its applications, Pittsburgh, July 2017.

     On the Birkhoff Conjecture for Convex Billiards (pdf)

          Workshop "An Analysist, a geometer and a probabilist walk into a bar"

          Cardiff University, June 2018.

     Mathematicians play... billiards (pdf)

          Award of the Guido Fubini prize for mathematics,  Accad. delle scienze di Torino, October 2018.

     Dynamical and Spectral Properties of Mathematical Billiards (pdf)

          Department Colloquium, Université Nice Sophia Antipolis, February 2019.

     Inverse problems and rigidity questions in billiard dynamics (pdf)

          Nonlinear meeting - Milan 2020, Politecnico di Milano, January 2020.

     Action-minimizing methods in Hamiltonian dynamics and invariant Lagrangian graphs (pdf)

          On-line seminar "Geometry, Topology and their applications", Novosibirsk, May 2020.

     The Hamilton-Jacobi equation on networks: from weak KAM and Aubry-Mather theories to Homogenization (pdf)

          On-line seminar "One world PDE seminar", October 2020.

     "E π si muove:" una storia di urti, pi greco e biliardi matematici (pdf)  (In Italian)

          On-line seminar, Salone dello studente del lazio, November 2020.

     On the persistence of periodic Lagrangian tori for symplectic twist maps (pdf)

          Conference "GLADS22" (in honour of Tere Seara's 60 birthday), July 2022.

Videos of some lectures and seminars:


     Symplectic and variational methods for the study of invariant Lagrangian graphs (video)

          Workshop: New perspectives on the N-boy problem

          Banff International Research Station, January 2013.

     Dynamical and Spectral properties of mathematical billiards (video)

          MSRI Program: Hamiltonian systems, from topology to applications, through Analysis

          Introductory Workshop, Berkeley, August 2018.

     The Hamilton-Jacobi equation on networks: from weak KAM and Aubry-Mather theories to

     Homogenization (video)

          On-line seminar "One world PDE seminar", October 2020.

     Inverse problems and rigidity questions in billiard dynamics (video)

          Geometry, Dynamics and Mechanics Seminar

          University of Padua (Italy), January 2021.

     Inverse problems and rigidity questions in billiard dynamics (video)

          Analysis Seminar

          University of Western Australia at Perth (Australia), May 2021.

     The Hamilton-Jacobi equation on networks:  weak KAM and Aubry-Mather theories (video)

          Dynamical Systems Seminar

          The University of Sydney (Australia), September 2021.

     On the persistence of periodic Lagrangian tori for symplectic twist maps (video)

          Conference: Differential geometry, billiards and geometric optics

          CIRM-Luminy, France, October 2021.


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