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     M I N I C O U R S E S :

Fabio Cipriani
(Politecnico Milano)
Geometric aspects of Dirichlet SpacesSlides
Victor Nistor
(Univ. Metz)
Analysis on singular spaces, Lie manifolds, and non-commutative geometry Slides

     S P E A K E R S :

Francesca Arici
(SISSA, Trieste)
The Gysin Sequence for quantum lens spacesSlides
Sara Azzali
(U. Sapienza, Roma)
Secondary invariants for two-cocycle twistsSlides
Rémi Boutonnet
(ENS Lyon)
Structure and rigidity for Gaussian actions and their von Neumann algebrasSlides
Sebastiano Carpi
(U. Chieti Pescara)
Representations of conformal nets and noncommutative geometrySlides
Alain Connes
(College de France, Paris)
The Arithmetic Site
Roberto Conti
(U. Sapienza, Roma)
Fourier series and twisted crossed productsSlides
Ludwik Dabrowski
(SISSA, Trieste)
Dirac Operators on Noncommutative Torus BundlesSlides
Claire Debord
(U. Blaise Pascal, Clermont-Ferrand)
Groupoids and pseudodifferential calculus ISlides
Agostino Devastato
(U. Federico II, Napoli)
Noncommutative Geometry, Grand Symmetry and Higgs massSlides
Amaury Freslon
(U. Paris VII)
Invariant theory, quantum groups and free probabilitySlides
Olivier Gabriel
(U. Göttingen)
Rieffel deformations and smooth tame generalized crossed productsSlides
Jens Kaad
(SISSA, Trieste)
Differentiable absorption of Hilbert \(C^*\)-modules Slides
François Lemeux
(U. Besançon)
Operator algebraic properties for free wreath product by quantum permutation groupsSlides
Marco Matassa
(SISSA, Trieste)
On dimension and integration for spectral triples associated to quantum groupsSlides
Denis Perrot
(U. Claude-Bernard, Lyon)
Cyclic cohomology and local index theory for Lie GroupoidsSlides
Nicola Pinamonti
(U. Genova)
Influence of quantum matter fluctuations on the expansion parameter of timelike geodesicsSlides
Georges Skandalis
(U. Paris VII)
Groupoids and pseudodifferential calculus IISlides
Fedor Sukochev
(U. New South Wales)
Invariant subspaces and upper triangular forms for classes of infinite dimensional operatorsSlides
Manon Thibault
(U. Blaise Pascal, Clermont-Ferrand)
Quantum symmetry groups of Hilbert modules equipped with orthogonal filtrations Slides
Luca Tomassini
(U. Tor Vergata, Roma)
Noncommutative Friedmann-Walker spacetimes, quantum field theory and the Einstein equationsSlides
Ezio Vasselli
\(KK\)-theory for \(C^*\)-precosheaves and holonomy-equivariance Slides
Roland Vergnioux
(U. Caen)
Cocycles on free quantum groupsSlides
Dan Virgil Voiculescu
(UC Berkeley)
Some \(C^*\)-algebras which are Coronas of Non-\(C^*\)-Banach Algebras Slides

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