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Texts reproduced by SIMCA

The members of SIMCA wish to prepare a digital version of some fundamental texts in Celestial Mechanics. We propose books and papers which have a particular interest, both from the historical and scientific point of view. We reproduce only the texts which are not available on other web sites; further material can be found in the section "CELESTIAL MECHANICS CLASSICAL TEXTS: AVAILABLE ELSEWHERE". The texts digitalized by the members of SIMCA can be freely accessed on internet. Because of the unavoidable limitations due to the copyright, we are focusing on the historical texts for which the copyrights are expired; moreover, such texts are perhaps more interesting because they are difficult to find. However, modern texts are not a priori excluded, if it is possible to get the permission to reproduce a digital copy of them by the copyright owners.

List of the works reproduced by the members of SIMCA:

We thank the Library of the Mathematics Department G. Castelnuovo of the Rome University La Sapienza for having provided us the previously listed works by Gauss, Jacobi, Liouville and Poisson.

We thank the library and the librarians of the Observatoire de la Cote d'Azur in Nice, for having given to our disposal the previously quoted works by Adams, Euler and Tisserand.

We thank the Domus Galilaeana (Pise) for having authorised us to reproduce the texts by Mossotti and the library of the Physics Department of the Rome University La Sapienza for having provided us such texts.

We thank Professor A. Manara for having sent us the text written by Piazzi which is contained in Monatliche Correspondenz edited by Von Zach, that has been found in the archive of the Osservatorio di Brera in Milan.

Moreover, we are grateful to Professors D. Boccaletti, G. Gaeta and L. Russo for their active cooperation and for having sent us some of the texts above.


We are gathering the web-sites where very interesting works on Celestial Mechanics and/or on other related fields are available. If someone would inform us about such web-sites that are not yet listed below, please directly contact the persons in charge of the present web-page.

Classical Works:

Some Fundamental Modern Works:

Short List of Useful Archives:

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