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  1. Mean field games: at the crossroad between optimal control and optimal transport, Norwegian Meeting on PDEs, 2019.
  2. Long time behavior of mean field games, Fudan University (Shanghai), 2019.
  3. Mean field games and Nash equilibria in large populations, Luiss (Roma), 2019.
  4. Natural growth and beyond,  Espalia (Roma), 2015.
  5. Weak solutions to mean field games, LJLL Paris VI, 2015
  6. Controllability of Fokker-Planck and planning problem for mean field games, MCT - SISSA (Trieste), 2013.
  7. Lipschitz estimates: coupling method and doubling variables, Mostly maximum principles, Roma 2012.
  8. Singular limits and large time profiles for viscous Hamilton-Jacobi equations , Quasilinear equations and singular problems, Tours 2012.
  9. On the construction of $p$-harmonic functions in the cone, Nonlinear Conference on PDE's with measure data, Technion (Haifa), 2010 (03/2010).
  10. Solutions explosives, contrainte sur l'etat et comportement asymptotique.., Conferenza al College de France (06/2009).
  11. The role of gradient estimates in boundary blow-up , AIMS Conf. at Arlington, Texas (05/2008).
  12. Blow-up solutions related to stochastic control problems with state constraint , Conf. in honor of F. Murat, Paris (10/2007).