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  1. Weak solutions to mean field games, LJLL Paris VI, 2015
  2. Controllability of Fokker-Planck and planning problem for mean field games, MCT - SISSA (Trieste), 2013.
  3. Long time average of mean field games, Euqadiff (Prague), 2013.
  4. Lipschitz estimates: coupling method and doubling variables, Mostly maximum principles, Roma 2012.
  5. Singular limits and large time profiles for viscous Hamilton-Jacobi equations , Quasilinear equations and singular problems, Tours 2012.
  6. On the construction of $p$-harmonic functions in the cone, Nonlinear Conference on PDE's with measure data, Technion (Haifa), 2010 (03/2010).
  7. Solutions explosives, contrainte sur l'etat et comportement asymptotique.., Conferenza al College de France (06/2009).
  8. The role of gradient estimates in boundary blow-up , AIMS Conf. at Arlington, Texas (05/2008).
  9. Blow-up solutions related to stochastic control problems with state constraint , Conf. in honor of F. Murat, Paris (10/2007).