Mathematical Analysis 2, bachelor course in Engineering Sciences

Room: 1122, Office hours: by appointment, e-mail: hoyt at_mark
2018/2019 First semester (with G. Morsella)
Course description, time table: Mon 14:00-16:00 + exercise session 16:00-18:00, Wed 9:30-11:30, Fri 14:00-16:00, Aula 8

Prof. Morsella put some exercises with solutions on the topics he covered on his webpage.

Lecture notes
Exam rules:
  1. The exam consists of a written test (with grades 0-30) and an optional oral assessment (with grades 0-5). The written test is passed if a grade of at least 15/30 is obtained. The exam is passed if an overall grade (written + oral) of at least 18/30 is obtained.
  2. The written test and the oral assessment must take place in the same session.
  3. In sessions with two calls it is possible to sit for both written tests, but the delivery of the second one invalidates the first.
  4. After an oral exam, either you withdraw the both written and oral exams, or the results will be confirmed (there is no option to withdraw the result of the oral exam only).
  5. Under penalty of exclusion, during written tests the use of cell phones and Internet-connectable electronic devices is not allowed. It is possible to use books, notes and electronic calculators.
  6. In order to take part in both the written and oral examinations it is necessary to bring an ID (including the university booklet).
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