PhD School in Mathematics Courses AA 2017-18

E. Porten
(Mid-Sweden University)
Real Submanifolds of Complex Space

INdAM Visiting Professorship
January-February 2018
(16 hours)
M. Lanini
Moment Graphs in Geometry, Combinatorics and Representation Theory January-March 2018
( 25 hours )
R. Schoof
Schemes in Groups
January-March 2018
(14 hours)
E. Tyrtyshnikov
(Lomonosov U. Moscow)
Low-Rank Decompositions for Tensors and Matrices February 5, 6 and 12 2018
(9 hours)
J-L. Sauvageot
(Université Paris VI)
Spectral Triples and Potential Theory in Non- commutative Geometry
March-May 2018
(24 hours)
S. Viaggiu General Relativity / Relatività Generale
Spring 2018
(25 hours)
M. Yamamoto
(Tokyo University)

April 2018
(6 hours)
A. Piatnitski
(The Arctic University of Norway)
Introduction to the homogenization of singularly perturbed operators May 2018
(5 hours)
N. Visciglia
Scattering theory for the nonlinear Schrödinger equation in the euclidean setting July 16-17 2018
(5 hours)
G. Staffilani
Long-time dynamics for the defocusing pe nonlinear Schrodinger equation Jul 17-18 2018
(5 hours)
T. Lyche
Multivariate splines and simplex splines
September 11,13,17 2018
(9 hours)


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