Astrodynamics of Natural
and Artificial Satellites: from
Regular to Chaotic Motions
First Training School in the Framework of the
Astrodynamics European Network AstroNet-II

Rome "Tor Vergata" Univ. - Jan. 14/17 (2013)

"Attitude Dynamics and Control"

"Orbital Dynamics"

by Dr. James BIGGS

by Prof. Phil PALMER

  • first and second lectures
  • lectures available here

  • "Symbolic Manipulation in Astrodynamics"

    "Astrodynamics of Asteroids"

    by Dr. Francesco BISCANI

    by Prof. Daniel SCHEERES

  • A brief Python/IPython crash course
  • first lecture
  • an introduction to Pyranha
  • second lecture
  • low level series manipulation
  • third lecture
  • the Keplerian processor
  • bibliography
  • the Stark problem

  • "KAM Theory and Applications in Celestial

    Mechanics" by Dr. Ugo LOCATELLI

  • first lecture
  • second and third lectures
  • fourth lecture