Dottorato in Matematica
PhD School in Mathematics

Ph D Courses 2016/17

M. Grensing (Orleans) Introduction to bivariant K-theory January-April 2017(30 hours)
P. Cannarsa and
P. Cardaliaguet (Paris Dauphine)
Introduction to Control Theory, Hamilton-Jacobi equations and Mean-Field Games March-May 2017 (64 hours)

Andrzej Zuk (Paris 7)
(Programma Professori Visitatori INdAM 2016/17)
Automata Groups (program)
April-May 2017 (25 hours)

R. Molle
An introduction to Nonlinear Analysis
May-June 2017 (24 hours)
P. Roselli
Seminars on Clifford Euclidean Vector Algebras April-May 2017
Joaquim Roé
(Univ. Autonoma Barcelona)
Linear systems of curves on surfaces and Nagata type problems (web page)
June 13-15, 2017
(10 hours)

For PhD courses at the other two PhD Schools in Rome see the pages at Sapienza and Roma 3.

Master courses 2016/17 of interest for PhD students

Ph D Courses 2017/18

M. Yamamoto
(Tokyo University)
Inverse Problems for Partial Differential Equations

January 2018 (12 hours)
E. Porten
(Mid-Sweden University)
Real Submanifolds of Complex Space
(to be confirmed)
January-February 2018 (16 hours)

J-L. Sauvageot
(Université Paris VI)

Spectral Triples and Potential Theory in Non-commutative Geometry (to be confirmed)
Spring Term 2018 (24 hours)
M. Lanini
Moment Graphs in Geometry, Combinatorics and
Representation Theory
Spring Term 2018 (25 hours)
B. Pacchiarotti
Stochastic Calculus and Control
Spring Term 2018 (25 hours)
S. Viaggiu General Relativity
Spring Term 2018 (25 hours)

Several master courses will also be available. In addition to the ones in the list in the link for the year 2016/17 above, also:

C. Manni and H. Speelers. Modellizzazione geometrica e simulazione numerica (Geometric Modeling and Numeric Simulations) (Autumn Term 2017)
C. Liverani. Sistemi dinamici (Dynamical Systems) (Spring Term 2018)

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