Dottorato in Matematica
PhD School in Mathematics

Preview of the PhD Courses scheduled for the Winter semester 2019-2020

PhD Courses scheduled for the Spring semester 2019
(details will be updated)

V. Komornik
(U. Strasbourg)
Elements of Control Theory

1 March- 30 April
(20 hours)
T. Bartsch
(U. Gießen)
Normalized solutions of nonlinear Schrödinger equations
and systems

13-14 March
(6 hours)
T. Rivière
(ETH Zurich)
Minmax methods for the area of surfaces
13-14 March
(6 hours)
E. Sande
(U. Oslo)
Optimal spline spaces for L2 n-width problems

25,26,27 March
(10 hours)
Introduction to Bridgeland stability and applications
8-26 April
10-28 June
(30 hours)
A short introduction to Gamma-convergence
7-24 May (10 hours)
S. Cappell
Theories of characteristic classes for singular varieties and their roles,
and computations in geometrical topology and algebraic geometry

7 May-4 June
(8 hours)
V. Bally
(Paris Est)
Abstract Malliavin calculus and regularization properties 20 May-20 June
(20 hours)
D. Slepcev
Variational problems on random structures: analysis and applications to data science

13-29 June
(8 hours)

PhD Courses held in the Winter semester 2018/19

C. Ciliberto
Classification of algebraic surfaces and related topics
Nov 2018-Feb 2019 (25 hours)
H. Gaussier
Gromov's hyperbolic geometry in Complex Analysis
INdAM Visiting Professorship
Nov 2018-Jan 2019 (25 hours)
A. Piatnitski
(The Arctic University of Norway)
Non-local operators of convolution type

Nov 2018-Jan 2019
(15 hours)
A. Piatnitski
(The Arctic University of Norway)
Partial differential equations on singular or thin structures Jan 2019-Feb 2019
(15 hours)
P. Antonini
The Atiyah-Singer index theorem

Nov 2018-Jan 2019
(20 hours)
C. Efthymiopoulos (Athens)
Hamiltonian Perturbation Theory and Applications in Celestial Mechanics
Jan-Feb 2019
(15 hours)
H. Peters (Amsterdam)
Holomorphic Dynamics: Wandering Fatou Components
Jan 16-21 2019
(8 hours)
E. Sernesi
(Roma Tre)
Curves on K3 Surfaces
23 Jan-8 Feb 2019
(6 hours)

A. Buffa
(EPFL, Lausanne)
The interplay of geometric modelling and numerical analysis of PDEs
24-25 January 2019
(6 hours)

Master courses 2018/19 (some of which of interest to PhD students)

For PhD courses at the other two PhD Schools in Rome see the pages at Sapienza and Roma 3.

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