Open Post-docs positions at Tor Vergata

Every position is for two years. The starting date of the position is flexible, but no later than the end of August 2024.

  1. Title: Geometric flows and applications.

    The research will be concerned with the mean curvature flow, or other geometric evolutions, of submanifolds in a Euclidean or Riemannian setting. Among possible topics, the investigation will address the qualitative properties of the flows, monotonicity formulas, applications to isoperimetric type inequalities and to mathematical relativity.
    Webpage for application:
    Deadline: 25th February 2024
    Reference person: Prof. Carlo Sinestrari email:

  2. Title: Statistical Properties of Dynamical Systems

    The goal of this research project is to study chaotic dynamical systems.While the main focus is on the statistical properties of partially hyperbolic or non-uniformly hyperbolic systems, other areas of investigation are welcome. In particular, random and sequential systems, as well as high-dimensional or infinite-dimensional systems, are of interest. In addition, any kind of limit theorem for dynamical systems is relevant to the present research. Liverani Webpage:
    Deadline: 28th February 2024
    Reference person: Prof. Carlangelo Liverani email:

  3. Title: PDEs in population dynamics, mean-field games and multi-agent models

    The research will be focused on some among the main topics of the project, which include (but are not limited to): models in population dynamics, models in mean-field control or mean-field games, mean-field optimal transport, congestion models in crowd dynamics, coupling methods, regularity and long time behavior in Hamilton-Jacobi and Fokker-Planck equations.
    Deadline: 28th February 2024
    Reference person: Prof. Alessio Porretta email:

  4. Title: Algebraic Geometry.
    Deadline: 28th February 2024
    Reference person: Prof. Antonio Rapagnetta email:

  5. Title: Elliptic Differential Problems in Physics and Geometry
    The research project focuses on the study of solutions of elliptic problems arising in geometry and physics, typically of Liouville type. We are interested in the development of analytical, topological and variational approaches to attack such problems, as well as the newly introduced flow methods and corresponding blow-up issues.
    Deadline: 28th February 2024
    Reference person: Prof. Gabriella Tarantello email:

  6. Title: Several complex variables and holomorphic dynamics.

    The research will be focused on the following topics: invariant metrics and distances, Gromov hyperbolicity in complex spaces, boundary behavior of holomorphic maps, dynamics of holomorphic self-maps and semigroups, dynamics of automorphisms of the complex space in dimension greater than one.
    Deadline: 28th February 2024
    Reference person: Prof. Filippo Bracci email: