Publications & Preprints
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present and future"
in "Hot Topics in Operator Theory" (Timisoara, 2006), 69-77,
Theta Foundation, 2008
  preprint pdf file
C. D'Antoni, G. Morsella, R. Verch,
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in "Prospects in Mathematical Physics", Contemp. Math. 437 (2007), 31-43
  preprint pdf file
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in "Operator Algebras and Mathematical Physics" (Constanta, 2001), 315-324,
Theta Foundation, 2003
  arXiv:math-ph/0201042   preprint pdf file
G. Morsella,
"Superselection structure at small scales in Algebraic Quantum Field Theory"
PhD thesis, Sapienza University of Rome, 2002
  pdf file

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