Curriculum Vitae

  • Other activities.
    I am a big fan of the American Mathematical Monthly's Problem Section. Take a look at this page.
    I also like to "waste" my time on earning reputation points (and learning new things) on math.stackexchange under alias Robert Z.
    Every now and then I try the problems of Ponder This proposed by IBM Research.

    I served as a referee for for several mathematical journals:
    - Journal of Number Theory
    - Advances in Mathematics
    - The Ramanujan Journal
    - Advances in Applied Mathematics
    - American Mathematica Monthly
    - Annals of Combinatorics
    - Monatshefte fur Mathematik
    - Journal of Integer Sequences
    - Electronic Journal of Combinatorics
    - Journal of Combinatorics and Number Theory
    - International Journal of Number Theory
    - Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics
    - Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications
    - Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh Series A
    - Ars Combinatoria
    - Integral Transforms And Special Functions
    - Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics
    - Asian Journal of Mathematics
    - Acta Mathematica Sinica
    - Taiwanese Journal of Mathematics
    - Expositiones Mathematicae
    - Utilitas Mathematica.