Rome-Moscow School 2011
September 3 - 17 (Moscow), September 18 - October 2 (Rome)
This is the second edition of the Rome-Moscow school on Matrix Methods and Applied Linear Algebra. Its main purpose is to encourage the ideas exchange and scientific collaborations between Italian and Russian universities and institutions, in the fields of matrix methods and applied linear algebra.

The school will take place during a whole month, two weeks in Moscow and two weeks in Rome, offering to young students a long time for learning and thinking over the arguments proposed, not limited to short courses of seminars. The school proposes advanced scientific topics and the opportunity of entering in direct contact with people and institutions of excellence in the field.

Interested students may consider to apply also for the 3rd International Conference on Matrix Methods in Mathematics and Applications, Moscow, June 20-24. See for further information.

The school is approved by the Faculty of Sciences MM.FF.NN. of Tor Vergata University, by the Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics, and by the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Lomonosov University.

Attending the courses of the school is equivalent to acquire credits of extracurriculum activity.

By clicking here you can download the placard of the school.

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