Algebra and Representation Theory
"Tor Vergata" - Roma (ITALY)


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"Representation Theory in Rome and Beyond"

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  This is the web page of the group of those people in the department of Mathematics of the University of Roma "Tor Vergata" whose main research interests are in the field of Algebra and Representation Theory (in a broad sense).
  Hereafter you can find some information about our activity.

Our coordinates (address, phone, fax, e-mail) are the following:
    Address:   Università degli Studi di Roma "Tor Vergata", Dipartimento di Matematica, via della ricerca scientifica 1, I-00133 Roma, ITALY 
    Phone:   (++39) 067259 ****   (the last four digits change according to the person to call - see below)
    Fax:   (++39) 0672594699
    e-mail:   the general format is   name@mat.uniroma2.it   (see below)


Permanent Members:
External Partners - this is a list of further people (outside our department) we use to work with:
    Ron Adin (Bar-Ilan) - Nicole Berline (École Poytechnique - Paris) - Anders Bjorner (KTH - Stokholm) - David A. Buchsbaum (Brandeis) - Nicoletta Cantarini (Bologna) - Giovanna Carnovale (Padova) - Fabrizio Caselli (Bologna) - Vyjayanthi Chari (UC Riverside) - Sophie Chemla (Paris 6 "Pierre et Marie Curie") - Nicola Ciccoli (Perugia) - Corrado De Concini (Roma "La Sapienza") - Benjamin Enriquez (Strasbourg) - Domenico Fiorenza (Roma "La Sapienza") - Rita Fioresi (Bologna) - Sergey Fomin (Michigan) - Gastón Andrés García (Cordoba / La Falta - Argentina) - Gilles Halbout (Montpellier) - Kenji Iohara (Lyon 1) - Niels Kowalzig (Roma "Sapienza") - Mario Marietti (Ancona) - Paolo Papi (Roma "La Sapienza") - Claudio Procesi (Roma "La Sapienza") - Zoran Rakic (Belgrade) - Yuval Roichman (Bar-Ilan) - Michèle Vergne (École Poytechnique - Paris) - Jerzy Weyman (Northeastern University - Boston)

Res-Int Research interests:

The following list collects some key words describing research interests of people in the research group. For more detailed information, see also the individual homepages.

Activities Activities:

Research Seminars:
Conferences, workshops, etc.:

Related projects:

  PRIN logo   Within the PRIN 2015 framework, some of us participate in the following "Moduli Spaces and Lie Theory"   -   the national coordinator is prof. Kieran Gregory O'Grady (Roma "La Sapienza"), the local coordinator (in Tor Vergata) is prof. Velleda Baldoni.

  INdAM   Most of us participate in the Italian national research program GNSAGA (Gruppo Nazionale per le Strutture Algebriche, Geometriche e le loro Applicazioni), supported by the Istituto Nazionale di Alta Matematica.

  Futuro In Ricerca 2012   Some of us participated in the research program Futuro in Ricerca 2012.

  LieGrits logo   Some of us participated in the Italian node of the RTN network "LIEGRITS - Flags, Quivers and Invariant Theory in Lie Representation Theory", a European network devoted to foster research and training through crossed cooperation among different European research centers. The local coordinator of this node was prof. Velleda Baldoni; the global coordinator was prof. Fred van Oystaeyen (Antwerp).

Guests and visitors:

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