Massimo Picardello
Full Professor in Mathematical Analysis
Born in La Spezia, 5.11.1949
Laurea in Physics, University of Genova, 1972

Laurea in Mathematics, University of Genova, 1976
PhD in Mathematics, University of Maryland, 1979

Previous employement: Assistent Professor and Lecturer 1975-80, Universities of Perugia and Roma. Associate Professor, 1980-87, Univ. Roma "La Sapienza"
Full Professor since 1987, Univ. L'Aquila and Roma "Tor Vergata"
Chairman, Mathematics Department Univ. Roma "Tor Vergata" 1993-1999. Member of the Academic Senate, Univ. Roma "Tor Vergata", 1997-2010. Visiting professor, University of Maryland (1987-88; 1992; 1995) and Washington University in St. Louis (1992)

President of the Laurea curriculum in Multimedia Sciences at the University of Rome "Tor Vergata" since 1999, and of the Advanced Laurea curriculum in Signal and Image Mathematical Treatment, 2005-2008.

Director of the Digital Photography and Virtual Reality Laboratory at the Department of Mathematics, Univ. Roma "Tor Vergata", since 2010.

Research areas: abstract harmonic analysis and group representation theory, Fourier analysis, probability theory, potential theory.

Teaching load for 2018-19:
for the Laurea degree in Multimedia Sciences: Computer Graphics (Global Illumination and 3D Rendering) [in Italian: Metodi Matematici in Computer Graphics]; Digital Image Elaboration[in Italian: Trattamento Digitale delle Immagini]; Digital Photography [in Italian: Fotografia Digitale]; Photogrammetry

Teaching load for 2019-20:
for the Laurea degree in Multimedia Sciences: Computer Graphics (Global Illumination and 3D Rendering); Digital Image Elaboration; Digital Photography; Middle Format and Large Format Photography;

Syllabus of courses:
Digital Image Elaboration
Digital Photography
Middle Format and Large Format Photography
Computer Graphics (Global Illumination and 3D Rendering)

Outline of ERC-AdG 2019:
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+39 06 7259 4900 (Fax)

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