CELMEC has reached an agreement with the international journal "Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy" to allow the publication of original papers presented at the meeting in two special issues.

Please, keep in mind that these special issues should not be considered as conference proceedings, therefore only original research papers will be accepted and will undergo the usual refereeing procedure: all papers will be reviewed by referees appointed by the journal editors and in agreement with the journal rules. Of course, if a paper is not included in the Topical Collection, it will appear in normal issues anyway.

The titles of these Topical Collections are:

  1. Innovative computational methods in Dynamical Astronomy
  2. Variational and perturbative methods in Celestial Mechanics.

The deadline for submitting the papers will be 15 DECEMBER 2022. Once accepted, the papers will be immediately published and inserted in the Topical Collection. This means that there will be no delay in the publication, since it is not necessary that the articles appear all at the same time.

Papers should be submitted through the web site:

When submitting the paper, please select the respective Topical Collection.