Author Poster Title
Irene CAVALLARI On the Sun-shadow map
Veronica DANESI KAM for planetary problems with double MMR
Vitor DE OLIVEIRA Spin-orbit coupling - the effect of rheology
Fredy DUBEIBE Multipole moment expansion for spinning astrophysical bodies
Yeva GEVORGYAN Comparison of stratified and effective rheological models for icy worlds
Clara GRASSI Canonical transformation for multiple close encounters
Bhavneet KAUR Stability analysis in the perturbed Robe’s finite straight segment model under the effect of viscosity
Aiken KOSHERBAYEVA Equations of secular perturbations exoplanetary systems with variable masses
Sumit KUMAR Effects of a finite straight segment on the non-linear stability of the equilibrium point in the planar Robe’s Problem
Victor LANCHARES Coriolis coupling in a Henon-Heiles system
Ivana MILIC ZITNIK The equation between 3-body MMR and Yarkovsky drift speeds on eccentricities higher than 0.1
Maisa OLIVEIRA TERRA Alternative designs for solar sails transfers
Shanshan PAN Analysis of resonance transition - Periodic orbits in the CRTBP
Luke PETERSON Birkhoff Orbital Elements in Restricted 3- and 4-Body Problems
Oscar RODRIGUEZ Numerical behavior of the Keplerian integrals methods for initial orbit determination
Vladimir TITOV Zero velocity surfaces in general three body problem