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PhD graduate
Title of the thesis
Defense date
Stefano Cipolla
Projections onto low complexity matrix algebras with applications to regularization, preconditioning and optimization C. Di Fiore
P. Zellini
February 13, 2018
Roberta Bianchini
Advanced energy methods in fluid-mechanics

R. Natalini
December 15, 2017
Manon Deville
Mathematical modeling of enhanced drug delivery by mean of electroporation or enzymatic treatment
R. Natalini,
C. Poignard
November 22, 2017
Martina Magliocca
The role of first-order superlinear terms in local and global time behaviour of nonlinear parabolic equations
A. Porretta
April 20 2017
Simone Del Vecchio
Extensions in Quantum Field Theory: Q-systems and defects for infinite-index inclusions
R. Longo
April 19 2017
Andrea del Monaco
A journey along a slit from one to several complex variables

F. Bracci
April 18 2017
Fabien Gachet
Analytical modelling of the long-term evolution of Earth satellite orbits
A. Celletti
April 12 2017
Ioannis Gkolias
Analytical and numerical modelling of small body orbital-rotational motion
G. Pucacco
April 12 2017

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