Enzo Olivieri

Full professor of Rational Mechanics
Date of birth: August, 4, 1945
Place of birth: Rome, Italy
Office: 1104
"Laurea" Degree in Physics. Physics department. Rome University.July 1969.
Previous Positions:
1970-1971 Fellowship of the Italian National Science Council.
1971-1983 Assistant professor of Mathematical Physics.
1983-1987 Associate Professor of Mathematical Physics .
From1987 Full Professor of Mathematical Physics.
1988-1990 Member of the editorial board of Journal of
Statistical Physics
1994 Mark Kac seminar speaker (Amsterdam) for the Metastability.
Scientific Activity. Main subjects: equilibrium and non-equilibrium statistical mechanics, theory of stocastic processes and quantum field theory.
Main present research themes: Rigorous theory of nucleation for general stochastic Ising models. Dynamics of interfaces and crystal growth. Finite size analysis for the statical and dynamical behaviour of infinite lattice systems. Rigorous approach to renormalization-group transformations. Large deviations for Markov chains in the Freidlin-Wentzell regime.
Didactic Activity: course of Rational Mechanics; advisor of " Laurea" and PhD theses.

Teaching for the past years: Meccanica Razionale I modulo and Fisica Matematica II modulo

Programma del corso di Meccanica Razionale I mod-fismat1 Laurea triennale
Programma del corso di Fisica Matematica II modulo Laurea quadriennale

Insegnamenti nell'anno 2013-14 presso il Dipartimento di Matematica:

Tel: 39 6 7259 4686

E-mail: olivieri@mat.uniroma2.it