The GREFI-MEFI (Gruppo di Ricerca Europeo Franco-Italiano: Fisica e Matematica) is a French-Italian GDRE (Gruppo di Ricerca Europeo) that will be created by an agreement between the CNRS and INDAM.

At the moment the signature of the agreement is scheduled for the 09/05/2005 in Rome during an official reception at the French Embassy. This is the text of the agreement italian version, french version.

The GREF-MEFI is coordinated by Pierre Picco. Sandro Vaienti is the French Adjoint Coordinator and Carlangelo Liverani the Italian Adjoint Coordinator.

The Governing Body of the GREFI-MEFI consists, beside the Coordinators, of the following people:
ITALY: Dario Bambusi, Anna De Masi, Fabio Martinelli, Mario Pulvirenti.
FRANCE: Viviane Baladi, Thierry Goudon, Stefano Olla, Senya Shlosman.

The aim of the GDRE GREFI-MEFI is to facilitate and foster the Italian-French scientific exchange in its area of competence (for the moment Statistical Mechanics, Interacting particles and Dynamical Systems) with particular regard to young researchers.
Researchers with a scientific project compatible with the GREF-MEFI aims can apply (by e-mail) for support directly to the Coordinator or one of the national Adjoint Coordinators.

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