Rafael Leon Greenblatt

Ricercatore in Fisica Matematica
Mathematics department, Tor Vergata University of Rome
Office: 0224 (zone B0, ground floor), telephone extension 4769

Didattica (teaching)

About me

I work on models from from statistical mechanics, mostly trying to understand what happens in and around critical points. I use an eclectic collection of methods, but especially the constructive renormalization group for Fermions; see my preprints on Arxiv.

I am originally from the United States, but after finishing my Ph.D. in Physics at Rutgers University in 2010 I have lived in Europe (mostly Italy). Before arriving at Tor Vergata I worked at Roma Tre University, La Sapienza University of Rome, MAP5-CNRS (Paris), the University of Z├╝rich, and SISSA (Trieste). There are more details in my curriculum vitae (PDF, in Italian).

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