Università di Roma “Tor Vergata”

Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Matematica


Algebraic Geometry

I Semester 26/09/2016 - 16/12/2016 – 8 credits (64 hours)

Lecturer Prof. Flaminio Flamini (flamini[ANTISPAM]@mat.uniroma2.it)

Lectures (course in English on demand)
Mon., Wed., Thu./ 14:00-16:00 / Room 1200.

Office hours Semester I: Monday 16:30-18:30, office 1116 (Piano 1, Dente 1), Semester II: fix meeting by mail

· Tentative program

· Daily calendar of lectures



Lecture Notes: preliminary drafts


· NOTE CORSO versione preliminare a cura di F. Flamini. In fase di aggiornamento costante durante lo svolgimento del corso.



Further Teaching Material (in alphabetic order)


·         M. Atiyah , I. G. Macdonald : Introduction To Commutative Algebra, Addison-Wesley Series in Mathematics(IN BIBLIOTECA)

·          F. Bottaccin: Introduzione alla Geometria Algebrica, 2010/11

·         C. Ciliberto : Drafts of “Algebraic Geometry” course

·         O. Debarre: Introduction à la géométrie algébrique,e, cours de DEA, 1999/2000, et M2, 2007/2008.

·          I. Dolgachev : Introduction to algebraic geometry, 2013

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·         E. Sernesi : Private Notes "Algebraic Geometry Course".

·         E. Sernesi : "Appunti sui divisori speciali", typewritten handouts.

·          E. Sernesi : "Una breve introduzione alle curve algebriche", Atti Convegno Geometria Algebrica, Genova-Nervi 1984, 7-38:Scanned pdf

and translation in english (update by C. Fontanari)

·          K. Ueno: An Introduction to Algebraic Geometry (Translations of Mathematical Monographs) 1997. (IN BIBLIOTECA)

·          A. Verra : Introduzione alle curve algebriche piane, Alfaclass Summer School



Something about Algebraic Geometry


·         Geometria Algebrica

·         Algebraic Geometry

·         G. Castelnuovo

·         F. Enriques

·         G. Fano

·         A. Grothendieck

·         D. Hilbert

·         E. Noether

·         M. Noether

·          C. Segre

·          J.P. Serre

·          F. Severi

·          G. Veronese

·          A. Weil

·          O. Zariski



Exams/Learning aims


* Exam Oral examination


* Learning aims Our general scope is to present fundamental concepts related to the problem of solvings systems of polynomial equations. Algebraic Geometry studies these solutions from a “global” point of view, through the theory of Algebraic Varieties. We will define this important class of varieties and then we will study some of their most important properties and discuss key examples, which are fundamental for the whole theory. Learning aims are to give to students the following skills:

·         working knowledge of basic elements of affine/projective geometry, of homomorphisms, isomorphisms and rational maps among algebraic varieties;

·         familiarity with explicit examples, including plane curves, quadric surfaces, Grassmannian of lines, Veronese and Segre varieties, etc;

·         if time permits, familiarity with the rich geometry of the canonical curve in terms of special linear series.


Exams: date/room/hours

o 1o Exam: January 25/2017, Room 29/A, Hour from 10-30 a.m.

o 2o Exam: February 28/2017, Room Office, Hour from 10-00 a.m.

Su richiesta studenti l'esame e' posticipato dal 22/2 al 28/2

o 3o Exam: July 4/ 2017, Room 11, Hour 10:00

o 4o Exam: September 7/2017, Room 11, Hour 10:00

o 5o Exam: APPELLO STRAORDINARIO RISERVATO A STUDENTI ISCRITTI a.a. 2016/17 IN CAUTELATIVA-December 15/2017, Office, Hour 09:30


Some past years

Prof. G. Pareschi a.a.2015-2016

Prof. F. Flamini a.a.2014-2015

Prof. G. Pareschi a.a.2012-2013

Prof. C. Ciliberto a.a.2010/11 & 2011/12

Prof.ssa F. Tovena a.a.2009-2010