Dottorato in Matematica
PhD School in Mathematics

Premio Michele Cuozzo (Cuozzo Prize)

Video of the 2020 edition

The Department hosts the Cuozzo Prize for young PhD graduates in Mathematics, sponsored by Vincenzo and Stefania Cuozzo in memory of Michele Cuozzo.
The recipient is invited to present a lecture at the Department Day in December.

2020: Francesco Grotto
Invariant measures and stationary solutions of 2-dimensional Euler equations and related models

2019: Laura Pertusi
Geometry of fourfolds with an admissible K3 subcategory

2018: Andrea Giorgini
Recent results on diffuse interface models for binary fluid flows

2017: Paolo Bonicatto
Untangling of trajectories for non-smooth vector fields and Bressan’s Compactness Conjecture

2016: Andrea Seppi
Surfaces of constant Gaussian curvature in Minkowski space

2015: Maria Colombo
Flows of non-smooth vector fields and applications to PDEs

2014: Eleonora Di Nezza
Degenerate complex Monge-Ampere equation on compact Kähler manifolds

2013: Daniele Angella
Cohomological aspects in complex non-Kähler geometry

2012: Yoh Tanimoto
Operator-algebraic construction of two-dimensional QFT

2011: Francesca De Marchis
Existence and multiplicity of solutions for problems in Geometrical Analysis

2010: Caterina Stoppato
Regular functions of one quaternionic variable

2009: Margarida Melo
Compactified Picard stacks over the modulispace of curves with marked point

2008: Andrea Altomani
Orbits of real forms in complex flag manifolds

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