Gianluca Orlando
(Technisches Universität, Munich)

Part I: An Introduction to the Theory of Currents

Part II: Cartesian Currents and Applications


A PhD course (10 lectures - 2 hours each)
Dipartimento di Matematica
Università di Roma "Tor Vergata"


Part 1
Tue 5 Nov
11:00 Aula 1200
Wed 6 Nov
14:00 Aula Dal Passo
Thu 7 Nov.
11:00 Aula Dal Passo
Thu 21 Nov
11:00 Aula Dal Passo
Fri 22 Nov
11:00 Aula Dal Passo

Part 2
Tue 3 Dec
11:00 Aula 1200
Wed 4 Dec
14:00 Aula 1200
Thu 5 Dec
11:00 Aula Dal Passo
Wed 18 De
14:00 Aula 1200
Thu 19 Dec
11:00 Aula Dal Passo


Part 1 (5 lectures): An Introduction to the Theory of Currents

Currents are the generalization of measures for geometrical problems and can be seen as representing integration on a submanifold. They are a fundamental tool in Geometric Measure Theory.

Preliminaries of Linear Algebra. Definition and examples of currents. Currents with finite mass are measures. Compactness. Normal currents. Examples. Compactness. Existence for the Plateau problem for normal currents. Recalls: Hausdorff measure, rectifiable sets, existence of the approximate tangent space. Integer currents. The closure theorem of Federer and Flaming (only the statement).  Existence for the Plateau problem for integer currents. Approximate differentiability, the Calderón-Zygmund Theorem, Lipschitz approximation of Sobolev functions and graphs of Sobolev functions. Concentration effects for maps with values in the unit circle, boundary of graphs, the problem of lifting W1,1 maps.

Part 2 (5 lectures): Cartesian Currents and Applications

Definition of Cartesian Current. Main properties of BV functions of several variables. Structure Theorem for Cartesian Currents. Cartesian Currents in codimension 1 are graphs of BV functions. The Area Functional for scalar-valued functions, the Area Functional for vector-valued maps, the Area Functional for maps with values in the unit circle. If time permits, we will study an application of Cartesian Currents to discrete spin systems.

This course is part of the 

MIUR Excellence Department Project

awarded to the Department of Mathematics, University of Rome Tor Vergata CUP E83C18000100006

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