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Continuous evaluation

The primary evaluation system is a combination of continuous evaluation:

  • 3 Midterm exams (grades: MminMmidMmax)
  • 5 Online exercise sets (grade: E)
  • 1 Mini-project & presentation (grade: P)

All grades (Mmin, Mmid, Mmax, E, P) are graded on a scale of 0 to 30. To obtain the final score we calculate


and then round to the nearest integer. A grade of 31 or over is interpreted as 30 Lode. A grade of 18 or above is considered as passing the course.


Each of the 6 parts of the course includes exercises. The exercises for part 1 of the course aren't graded but the exercises for parts 2 - 6 are graded and this contributes towards the final score. The questions in the midterms will be very similar to those in the additional exercises.

graded exercisesdue dateungraded exercises
Part 1not obligatoryPart 1
Part 223 October 2023Part 2
Part 36 November 2023Part 3
Part 420 November 2023Part 4
Part 54 December 2023Part 5
Part 618 December 2023Part 6

Midterm exams

midterm 123 October 2023 30 October 202314:00-15:301-2aula disegno 2
midterm 220 November 202314:00-15:303-4aula disegno 2
midterm 318 December 202314:00-15:305-6aula disegno 2

The focus of each midterm is on the two parts of the course which immediately proceeded the exam. However, in later parts of the course, since the material builds on the earlier foundation, knowledge of the earlier parts of the course is still required. The questions on each midterm will be very similar to the exercises attached to those parts of the course.

The questions in the midterms will be very similar to the additional exercises:


The last three weeks of the course are devoted to the mini-projects. Topics are to be chosen by the course participants in agreement with the course instructors. See some possible ideas. Expect about 20 hours of work involved in the project. The majority of this time can be done within lesson hours.

Alternative evaluation

As an alternative to the continuous evaluation, students have the right to instead choose to attempt a written and oral exam during one of the 6 exam calls of the year. However it highly recommended to opt for the continuous evaluation.

If one chooses this evaluation system:

  • The written and oral must be taken in the same call;
  • Grades acquired during any of the continuous evaluation do not contribute to the final score if the student chooses this option;
  • The written exam questions will be similar to the "additional exercises" available on this site and the questions used during the last few years of this course;
  • During the written exam solutions must be written completely and fully justified;
  • The oral exam requires the students to demonstrate ability to work with the material of the course, the same material which is the subject of the written exam.

For exam dates and reservation, see Delphi. The written exam is 10:00-13:00 and the orals start at 14:00.