Applied Mathematics, SECOND SEMESTER

Prof. Dr. Daniele Bertaccini

NOTICE: the course APPLIED MATHEMATICS was started during a.y. 2019/2020. BEFORE that a.y., the course was MATHEMATICS. So, mind the a.y. you followed the course before booking the exam. Wrong booking can cause problems during registration or no registration at all.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: attendance of at least 70% of the lessons is requested for applied mathematics exam (former students will book MATHEMATICS and I will not check the minimum attendance).

please do not email the professor!
99% of your possible answers can be found in this page (see faq below and/or link below) or asking the student offices.
date of exams will be published in the "Delphi" pages and noticed to students' office.

notice: the electronic registration ("verbalizzazione") of exams send automatically mails to the students some days after the exam.
1. don't ask the professor except if you are very very sure that you passed, you signed your mark but the mark you got is different from the one specified by the automatic message.
2. exam failed: the message can say that you were absent or retired, these options are equivalent, you can try the exam again in the next session
3. exam failed: if you prefer that i specify "failed" in your personal data, please tell me in advance (in this case you cannot try again in the next session).
4. after the exam, professor will post the date for verbalization.
5. the registration of the exams will close a couple of days after that date. if you are unable to come, you can do another reservation for the same exam in the next session and get your previous mark.

Results of the exams APPLIED MATH/MATH
Program of the course.

Numbers (naturals, rationals, real and complex). Inverse formulas, change of scales and order of magnitudes in formulas; equivalence relations; errors in measures and calculations. Functions of one real variable: basic concepts, graphs, elementary functions (polynomials, roots, rational functions, trigonometric, exponentials and logarithms); Sequences; Binomial coefficients; Limits; Geometric sums; Continuous functions; Differentiation: derivatives, monotonicity and concavity, extrema, sketching graphs; bisection and Newton's methods to approximate real roots of scalar functions; Riemann Integration; Definite integration: the fundamental theorem of calculus; Techniques for computing integrals; Approximating a definite integral by numerical integration; Infinite series (briefly)

Introduction to the software for approximating and plotting functions, linear approximation of functions; approximation of definite integrals, numerical solution of linear and nonlinear equations and systems. Introduction to the simulation of Phenomena in Medicine and drug preparation.
Elementary statistics: describing univariate and multivariate data; mean, median and mode; variance, standard deviation; geometric mean, harmonic mean, quadratic mean; linear regression

SUGGESTED TEXTBOOKS Calculus for biology and medicine, c. Neuhauser, prentice hall (2nd international edition). Ed. Pearson educational international.


-you must attend at least 70% of the frontal lessons, as written in the admission rules and recalled at every lesson I give. Only from A.Y. 2018/19 we will ask for around 50%. If you not attended enough, come the next year. In case of doubts, ask the secretariat.
-ALL exams will be chaired by me (prof Bertaccini), no matter when you attended
-Use the suggested book and the link below for tests, exams, exercises if you miss a lesson.
-The lessons and exercises are very much taken by the book in order to simplify your life
-The professor is not a private teacher. No supplementary special lessons will be available to you after the course!
-The course is very simple to simplify your life. Don't forget this
-The program of the course is FIXED and is the same all the years in order to give a chance to students of all years to pass the exam with the notions they learned formerly
-The program of the course can be found in the material provided by the link below
-Exams will be in June and July, then in September and February. Will be only written, online or not depending on the pandemia (the Professor can ask questions later if there are suspect of copied exams)
-The students can ask the Professor during the course.

Link to the former homepage of the course by my colleague Prof. Porretta
Daniele Bertaccini