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Enrico Nardelli

Università di Roma "Tor Vergata"

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I am full professor of Computer Science in the University of Roma "Tor Vergata", affiliated with the Department of Mathematics. This is one of the two italian Mathematics Departments elected in 2010 by the Centre for Higher Education Development in the 20 European Centers of Excellence for Mathematics research (ranked 4 or 5). It was the only italian department in this group in 2007. The department was ranked in 2006 (last national evaluation) by the italian Ministry of University and Scientific Research as the best one in Mathematics among medium universities (see the final relation of Mathematics and Computer Science evaluation Committe at pg.17)

Since november 2013, I am the Director of the national laboratory InfoLife (Informatics for the Life Sciences) of CINI, the Italian national inter-university Consortium for Informatics, whose Executive Board I am member of, representing GRIN.

I have been the national coordinator of SIMBIOSYS, a two-years (2010-2011) research projects on bio-informatics, financed by the italian Ministry of University within the PRIN basic research program.

I have been (2003-2008) the President of GRIN (Gruppo di Informatica), the Italian Association of University Professors of Computer Science. Some of my contributions during these years.

Since September 2008 I am in the Executive Board of Informatics Europe, the association of computer science departments and research laboratories in Europe and neighbouring areas. I am also the treasurer of the association.

Since January 2009 I am in the Executive Board of EQANIE, the European Quality Assurance Network for Informatics Education, co-founded by GRIN, which I represent in the General Assembly.

In June-July 2007 the Academy of Finland has invited me and seven other international Computer Science experts to evaluate Computer Science research in Finland in years 2000-2006. In October 2013 the University of Eastern Finland has invited me and five other international scientist to evaluate research in the Faculty of Science and Forestry in years 2010-2012, within their overall 2013 Research Assessment Exercise.

My research interests include algorithms and data structures, databases and geographical information systems, tools and environments for interaction with information systems, cooperative and distributed information systems, and bio-informatics. I recently did some experiments with digital art.

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Prof. Enrico Nardelli
Dipartimento di Matematica
Università di Roma "Tor Vergata"
Via della Ricerca Scientifica snc
I-00133 Roma, Italy

Tel. +39 06 7259.4204
Mob. +39 335 590.2331
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