Astrodynamics of Natural
and Artificial Satellites: from
Regular to Chaotic Motions
First Training School in the Framework of the
Astrodynamics European Network AstroNet-II

Rome "Tor Vergata" Univ. - Jan. 14/17 (2013)

The first training school of the european network AstroNet-II will be held in the classrooms of the Math. Dept. of the Università degli Studi di Roma "Tor Vergata".
The Mathematics Department is located within the School of Science in Sogene Building (map), via della Ricerca Scientifica 1, 00133 - Rome (map and google-map).
"Normal" activities of the school will be held in classroom 1201 of the Math. Dept. or in "Aula Magna", within the School of Science of the Univ. di Roma "Tor Vergata". The laboratories, directed by Dr. Biscani, will be held in classroom 17.
Due to the very large number of participants, some lectures will be probably moved from classroom 1201 (also called "Dal Passo") to the more comfortable "Aula Magna" (also called "Gismondi"). The final choice between these two location will be communicated by the organization on the basis of the daily convenience.
By referring to the map of the School of Science classroom 1201 is located at first floor in a part of a long corridor, just in front of the big green rectangle (also marked with M) that is closer to the big blue rectangles (also marked with F). "Aula Magna" can be found by following the writings "Gismondi" (see the "sezione laterale" of the map)}. By always referring to the same map, classroom 17 (that is partially equipped with computers) is located in one of the widest gray blocks, more or less in the central part of the building.