Astrodynamics of Natural
and Artificial Satellites: from
Regular to Chaotic Motions
First Training School in the Framework of the
Astrodynamics European Network AstroNet-II

Rome "Tor Vergata" Univ. - Jan. 14/17 (2013)

The school is aimed to give all ESR and ER (that are Early Stage Researchers and Experienced Researcher, respectively) enrolled in the Astronet-II network a background to start working on interplanetary orbits and space missions, using the advances of celestial mechanics and dynamical system theory. The first training school covers an introduction to space manifold dynamics, the astrodynamics of small bodies, attitude and orbit control of spacecraft, optimal control theory and applications to satellite's motion, symbolic manipulation devoted to Celestial Mechanics (e.g. formal power series expansions, multivariate polynomials, Poisson series, etc).
A total amount of 24 hour lectures and a daily laboratories/discussions/presentations is scheduled from Monday to Thursday (the arrival is scheduled on Sunday and departure on Friday).