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Complex Analysis Seminar 2009/2010

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13/07/10Klas Diederich (Wuppertal)Plurisubharmonic Exhaustion Functions and almost complex Stein Structures

07/07/10Anna M. Benini (Stony Brook University and Universitat de Barcelona)A taste of transcendental dynamics

15/06/10Tatsuo Suwa (Hokkaido)Residues of singular holomorphic distributions

01/06/10Ben McKay (Cork)Cartan geometries on compact Kaehler manifolds

25/05/10Lorena Lopez (Valladolid)Summable formal invariant curves of diffeomorphisms in dimension two

16/03/10Jasmin Raissy (UniversitÓ di Milano Bicocca)Azioni di toro nel problema della normalizzazione

02/03/10Dmitri Zaitsev (Trinity College Dublin) Formal and finite order equivalences


Frederic Fauvet (Strasbourg)Old and New results with Ecalle's arborification


Pavel Gumenyuk (Bergen)

Geometric and analytic properties of generalized Loewner chains

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