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  Complex Analysis


Paolo Arcangeli (PhD Student)
Leandro Arosio (Researcher SIR "New methods in holomorphic iteration")
Filippo Bracci (Full Professor)
Eleonora Ciriza (Researcher)
Andrea del Monaco (phD student)
Laura Geatti (associate Professor)
Andrea Iannuzzi (associate Professor)
Mauro Nacinovich (Full Professor)
Paolo Salvatore (Researcher)
Francesca Tovena (associate professor)
Stefano Trapani (Full Professor)



- Seminar of Complex Analysis and Holomorphic Dynamics

- European Several Complex Variables Consortium, E-SCV

Research activities:

Research activieties are concentrated on relationships among geometric, differential and topological properties of real and complex manifolds and CR or holomorphic mappings defined on them. In particular the following topics are studied:

- Holomorphic dynamical systems

- Moduli spaces

- Holomorphic evolution

- CR Manifolds

- Invariant metrics

- Lie groups action